Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 'every holiday I've missed since my last post' Day...

Hiiiiiii!!  :D
I know...I know.  It's been over 2 months since my last update, and I can give ya'll every excuse known to man woman, but I won't.  Instead I'll just pick right up where I left off, and update ya'll with everything that's been going on en mi vida since we last chatted.  That's what old friends do right??
First off, the holidays were pretty tough on me with tracking my points!  I did pretty well over Thanksgiving, but the Christmas holidays weren't that great.  Overall I didn't do too bad though, and ended up gaining about 7 lbs. total.  I missed a few WW weigh-ins, mainly due to the site being closed for the holidays.  Believe me, seeing that jump in the scale put me back in check!  I don't want to go backwards, especially after all the hard work I've put in over the past year.  I also didn't exercise as much as I wanted to during the holidays.  I'm sure that was a huge factor in the gain I had, and I felt it also!  My energy level just wasn't there the way it usually is when I'm active.
With the start of 2013, I decided to try something a little different, and really dedicated myself to becoming a runner.  I still want my 13.1 sticker one day!!   I know I'm starting on the bottom, but that's okay, because that's where I started with my weight-loss too, and look where I'm at now?  This past week alone, I only got to go out 4 times, but that's better than nothing.  Here are my stats:
  3.02 miles - 48:44 minutes
3.20 miles - 48:41 minutes
3.02 miles - 46.35 minutes

3.09 miles - 51:48 minutes
Yeesss I went running on Valentine's Day...sue me!  lol  I knew I had plans that evening, and I wanted to make sure I earned as many activity points as I could that day, so I could enjoy every last bite of chocolate I had later that evening.  And I enjoyed every single piece too!
Now don't get me wrong chicas...when I say 'running', don't think I am actually 'running' the entire time.  I'm starting off on the bottom remember?  Right now all I can do is a
jog/power-walk combination, but enough to make me work up a sweat!  I've been slowly improving my time, and on different routes as well.  I will get there!
The way I've been calculating so far, I earn approximately 5 activity points per run, which is still a good amount, but I'm not sure how accurate this is.  I've been using eTools, and searching under the activities listed, Jog/Walk combination comes up.  When I input my time, this is what I usually get.  Weight Watchers does have a new ActiveLink tool, but I have yet to try it out.  Mainly because I've been a little low on funds since the holidays, but I am very excited to give it a try soon!  Basically, it is a small piece of equipment you wear at all times throughout your day, that accurately measures the amount of activity you do, and determines how many WW activity points you've earned.  It almost resembles a pedometer in size, and I've seen members wear it a few different ways, including as a necklace, a bracelet, an anklet, or even attached their shoes/belt.  It's small enough to hide, but from what I hear, it is a much improved way to track your activity.  Can't wait to give it a shot, and when I do, I'll be sure to post about it.
Anyhow, here are my weigh-in stats for the past several weeks...

As you can see, there were several weeks where I didn't get to weigh-in.  On 12/25/12 and 1/1/13, the WW center where I attend my meetings was actually closed due to the holidays.  On 1/8/13 and 2/12/13, I wasn't able to weigh-in due to not making it to the meetings on time.  Work has been pretty busy since the start of the new year, and I know that's not an excuse, especially because I haaatttee missing weigh-in days!
As you can see, after my gain from the holidays I slowly started getting back on track.  This weeks weigh-in went great, and I lost 1.4 lbs., making it a total of 138.6 lbs. total loss since January 2012.  Yaaayyyy me!!  It feels great to know that I've come so far, and to realize that one day I will accomplish my goals.
Aside from all that, I absolutely cannot complain about anything going on in my life right now.  I have certainly received so many new blessings in the past few months, and I am grateful for everything and everyone that has been placed in my life up to now.
Mi familia added a new member to the group in early January, and I am on cloud 9 status in love with my new niece!!  Congratulations to my beautiful sister on welcoming her daughter Elisa to this world, on 1/11/13.
Isn't she gorgeous?
The three of them will forever hold my ❤.
Christmas and New Years Eve were wonderful this year, but came and went way too fast.  There is never enough time in the world when you are spending it with your loved ones.  Christmas was spent surrounded by my family, yummy food, gifts, and the thoughts of loved ones who couldn't be there with us that day.  New Years Eve was great as well.  My grandmother's homemade menudo, a few games of poker, fireworks, drinks, and the blessings of a new year.  I can't believe February will be coming to an end already, but I can say that I am probably the happiest I have ever been in a very long time.  I've recommitted myself to staying healthy and active, and it's almost as if I've given myself a second chance at life.  I want to be around for as long as I possibly can for those three angels in the picture above, and I know making healthy lifestyle changes, and keeping a positive attitude will help me stick around for as long as He wishes me to.
'J' has completely taken my heart chicas.  Cloud 9...I see my future with you...permanent smile on my face...constant butterflies in my stomach...I never get tired of seeing you...I can be a brat around you and you still love me...HAPPINESS.  Did that give you a pretty good idea of how I'm feeling?  :)  I know...I know.  It's only going on about 4 months now, but my life has been completely uprooted and shifted to a whole other world.  I don't know how else to describe it, but to list a few reasons why this man has held onto my ❤.
He loves my family, and they seem to have accepted him perfectly.  BBQ's, holidays, weekday dinners, birthday parties, movie nights, and future vacation plans...this man has been there for it all.  I always told myself I wanted a partner in my life that made family a priority in their lives as well, and I've finally found him.
He has never judged me, and I can be my complete OCD, moody, bratty self around him.  He never backs down, and brings me back up every time I fall.  He pushes me to deal with my feelings, and not bottle them up the way I always have.  And on those occasions where I go back to my old ways and close myself off to the world, he somehow finds a way in, and doesn't leave my side until I have a smile on my face again.
I haven't lost focus of my weight-loss goals and lifestyle changes I started last year, regardless of having a partner by my side.  This man encourages me, and accepts me as I am.  I can weigh my food without shame, obsess over my points in his presence, and talk to him about new and healthy recipes I want to try.  Weight has always been a sensitive subject for me to discuss with any of my partners in the past.  I was always embaressed to even bring it up, or even exercise in front of them.  Chicas...we've been going running together, and I love it!!  It's so motivating and liberating at the same time.  To be able to get all sweaty and out of breath next to this man, pushing all insecurities aside, and knowing that he still views me as the most amazingly beautiful woman in the world.
Love with your all, your whole, your everything.
Love yourselves first, and love others without judgement.
When you do that, love will fill every part of your lives.
Have a great week everyone!!
Be blessed...and stay blessed!!!