♥ About Nica

Hola chicas!

And welcome to 'Traviesa'!  I am a 31 year old Hispanic Latina, from a tiny border-town in Texas.  I've pretty much lived here my entire life, with a few interstate moves throughout the years.  I it here, and am proud to 'REP' the Lone Star State. :))  I love love love cooking and creating new recipes, photography, art, writing, reading, and sharing ideas!!  I also recently kicked myself into gear, towards a healthier, active lifestyle.  Joining Weight Watchers in January 2012 has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY, and I can absolutely say I LOVE it!!  That, along with the help of weekly Zumba classes, and a change towards daily positive thinking, has helped me to start reaching some of my personal goals, and set new goals for myself that I never even knew I wanted.  I've learned that it is truely amazing what one can accomplish, when they really...really put their into it.

I started this blog in 2011, and unfortunately was unable to put much effort into it.  This was really due to a few health issues I had going on last year, and being in a place in my life where I felt like I had no way out.  I was in a rut...a BIG one.  I was in a VERY bad place emotionally, feeling sorry for myself about a number of different things...the  life, my health, family situations, and financial situations. It was a very ugly place to be, and I can only hope that if any of you reading this are in similar situations in your life, that this blog will be of some help to you, whether it be a place to vent, entertain yourself, or for inspiration. :)

I'm sooo glad to finally say that I am in a much better place in my life now.  Earlier this year I started the long, hard journey to trying be a healthier person.  I knew I needed to do it this time, not only for the obvious health reasons (which I WILL share one day in a special post), and not only for the I have for my two blessings in life, my niece and my nephew.  I had to do it for ME this time.  Anyone out there reading this, who is just starting out on their own weight loss journey, remember this...

You HAVE...HAVE...HAVE to want to do it for YOU.  Noone else.  Don't do it because you feel unloved, or unwanted.  Don't do it because other people are pressuring you, or making you feel low about yourself.  And especially don't do it because you feel losing weight will simply make you a 'happier' person.  Guess what?  There is always someone out there that will love you unconditionally, and that will need you and want you in their lives.  Guess what else??  People are people.  If they are pressuring you to change for the wrong reasons, or making you feel like you are 'nothing', they are not worth your time, or your .  And you know what else I've realized???  Being happy isn't just about our weight!!  Believe me!!  You are the same person, dealing with the same personal issues, no matter what weight you are at.  To be happy, you have to yourself FIRST.  Point blank.

Be blessed, and stay blessed!!



  1. Loved reading this!Inspiring to read!