Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guess what...

I'm baaaaccckkkk!! Yeeaaahh buddy!!

And it feels oohhh sooo good too!! :)  The procrastinator in me took over for awhile there, but I was finally able to work on the blog design, and be SATISFIED for once.  I updated things a bit, so make sure to take a peek around chicas.  If you're brand new to reading my blog, click here to read my veeerrryyy first post, which will give you a little interesting info. on muah.

Anyhow, a few things have changed since my last post, which right about now, feels like an eternity ago.  I got a good kick in the boo-tay by my doc late last year, and...well...let's just say it put A LOT of things into perspective for me.  I picked myself up off the ground, along with the support of my 'ing friends and family, and started on a path to a healthier me.  January 3rd, 2012 was a life-changing day for me people.  I joined Weight Watchers, attended my first meeting, and weighed-in for the first time in years.  Yes...YEARS chicas.  And let me tell you...WOW.  Big shocker. 

I used to be ashamed to admit that first recorded weight, and it actually took me several months to even reveal it to my closest ❤'ed ones.  In fact, I couldn't even say the number out loud!  But I am.  This type of post will usually be posted on Tuesdays since that is my 'official' weigh-in day every week, but since my internet was down yesterday :/ ya go!!'re reading that right!  My starting weight nearly six months ago was 372.2 pounds...
three hundred and seventy two point two pounds...

Fast foward almost six months later, and my official weigh-in yesterday at my weekly meeting was 284.6 pounds.  Yup...calculate that correctly...I've lost a total of 87.6 pounds so far!!  I actually lost 5.8 pounds this past week alone.  Crazy...I know.  But I'm telling you chicas...

Weight Watchers has changed my life, and for that...I am grateful.  The same day I joined WW, I also started taking a Zumba class that I had read about on FB.  Chicas...let me tell'll be shaking those hips like Shakira in no time!   I love love LOVE it.  BUT...let me say this's all about the instructor you have, and how hard you push yourself.  My instructor Andrea is AWESOME.  I'll be posting soon about my class in more detail.  By the way, you can check out a record of all of my previous WW weigh-ins since January here, since this is my first actual weigh-in post.

Gotta get started on dinner for now, but talk to you all soon!!

Be blessed...and stay blessed!!


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