Saturday, June 23, 2012

My meatballs bring all the boys to the yard...

Ohmygoodnessssss these are the

No...seriously chicas...they were sooo yummy when I made them earlier this week, I had to share the recipe with you all.  And if any of you are following the WW PointsPlus program, you'll be happy to know that I created this recipe using the eTools 'Recipe Builder' via the Weight Watchers website.  Soooo suuupeeerrr easy to use (well at least I think so), and oh so helpful when you want to be on point with your tracking as well.

These deeelish meatballs could actually be served many different ways, although the night I made them for dinner, we had them with spaghetti.  Here's what you'll need:

Start by pre-heating your oven to 375 degrees.  Also, go ahead and line a LARGE baking pan with foil, and spray it lightly with non-stick spray.  Preferably not a flat baking sheet, since the meatballs will release quite a bit of liquid during the cooking process.

Next, wash your bell peppers, de-seed them, and chop them up into small pieces, along with the onion.  Mince your garlic, and add it to the mixture as well.  Remember...most veggies are ZERO points in WW.  Yummy, filling, and get those healthy checks in chicas!!

Add your ground beef and 2 eggs to a large mixing bowl.  For this recipe, and in most of my cooking, I use HEB brand ground beef, 96% lean/4% fat.  Also, I'm pretty sure you could use just egg whites to save on points, but to me, adding the yolks makes the meatballs moist.

Add in your dry ingredients next.  Here's what I used:

FYi...I'm using reduced fat parmesan for this recipe.  I'm pretty sure substituting regular parmesan cheese for this recipe WILL alter the PointsPlus value.  Also, at this point in the recipe, I only add 1 tbsp. each of the parsley flakes, and the Italian seasoning.  Now for the fun part. :)  Add the chopped veggies to the mixture, and time to get your hands dirty chicas...

Roll up those sleeves (I hope you washed your hands already! lol), and get to mixin'.  Make sure that all of the ingredients are meshed well together, and then get started...

Roll each meatball in the palms of your hands until a nice round shape forms.  I personally use my digital food scale to weigh out 2 ounce meatballs.  With this recipe, you should get about 24 meatballs, or 8 servings (3 meatballs/serving).  Once weighed and rolled, place them on your foil-lined pan, and sprinkle with the remaining tbsp.'s of parsley flakes and Italian seasoning.  Put them in the oven, and bake for 25 minutes.  Your time may vary slightly based on your oven, but don't overcook.  When ready, they should be light brown in color.  I don't cover mine with foil or anything else during baking, and they come out juussst right every time. 

PointsPlus Value= 5
Serving= 3 meatballs

If anyone has problems follwing the recipe, or questions regarding how I calculated my PointsPlus values, feel free to holla at me.  I'd love to hear if you tried the recipe, and how you liked it!!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the meatballs fresh out of the oven, but here's how I made them for dinner that night in my spaghetti sauce...

Yuummynesss chicas.

Be blessed...and stay blessed!!



  1. Oh yum!!! These look awesome, I will have to try this recipe! :)

    1. Thank you!! Got me hungry now at 1:30am lol Let me know if you try it out soon!!