Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ummm wait....what??

That's exactly the reaction I gave the lady in the UPS office earlier this week when I was dropping off a package for work.  I see her about once every 1-2 weeks, and she always has the same smile on her face.  Although I don't know her on a personal level, she always seems very friendly, and we conversate about different topics including our cars (we both drive Toyota Camry's), mutual friends, and life in general.
But this week was different.  Before even saying hello, the first words that popped out of her mouth as I walked into the building were, 'Just how much weight exactly have you lost??'.  To which I quickly and excitedly answered, 'Over 100 lbs. since January!'.
Guess what her next question was??  Don't know??  Let me break down the remainder of the conversation for you....
UPS Lady:  'Wow mija!  Which weight-loss surgery did you have done?'
Me:  'Ummm...I didn't have surgery.'
UPS Lady:  'Oh wow, that's great!  So what pills are you taking?'
Me:  'Ummm...I'm not taking any pills either.'
UPS Lady:  'Ay mija...are you sick?'
Me:  'Not that I'm aware of.'
Now...mind you...after I was able to erase the look of shock from my face, I did explain to her that I had been on Weight Watchers for the past year, and taking Zumba classes weekly.  However, I seriously didn't know whether I should take her questions as an insult, or a compliment.  It was kind of like a double-edged sword.  No matter which way I looked at it, this woman was automatically judging me, and assuming things about me, without giving it  a second thought.
These types of scenarios happen to me almost on a daily basis now.  I'm still not used to it.  The majority of the time, people are not as direct as Miss UPS, but will still most definitely make a comment about how my appearance has drastically changed, and what I did to lose so much weight.
Don't get me wrong chicas, I didn't leave upset at her, and I most certainly didn't go all crazy latina on her.  I actually used the opportunity to teach her and inform her about this fantabulous lifestyle I've been sticking to over the past year.  And that would make the second time that day I openly discussed my WW journey with someone.
Right before my UPS visit that same day, I had stopped to pay a bill (Hey...this chica has to handle hers!!), and it was almost the same situation.  When I walked into that office, the girl helping me said she almost didn't recognize me when she saw me getting off my car.  Wow.  I am totally not seeing what these people see, and I don't know if that's a good thing (because it will keep me pushing foward towards my ultimate goal), or a bad thing (self-love..still working on it...).  This lady was a lot more subtle about her comments, and basically just had a ton of questions about WW, and how the program works.  We actually had a pretty long talk, and in the end, I remembered I had some cards in my car from last weeks meeting for a 2 week free trial of eTools.  I quickly ran outside to get her one, and I'm hoping the next time I see her she'll tell me she got to try it out, and that she loves it as much as I do.
Two more times today alone chicas.  Once at the grocery store, where I ran into a friend of the familia that hadn't seen me in quite some time.  She was just amazed at my progress so far, and even said she was going to tell her friends about me.  The second time was at my Zumba class tonight.  A few of the ladies pulled me aside before our warm-up, and asked me how I was losing so much weight.  I gladly shared the info. with them, and they had so many questions!  They even asked to see some 'before' photos I had in my iPhone.  I thought it was funny because one of the ladies even asked me if I ate 3 meals a day!  She couldn't believe it when I broke down my meals for today, and told her exactly what I had eaten.  'This Mexicana has to eat her tortillas, and drink her Cokes!  No diet foods for me!'  she told me.  I just smiled and answered, 'Well this Mexicana still eats her tortillas and drinks her sodas, just in a smarter way!'. 
Yes I'm on my Weight Watchers soap box right now. I seriously love this program!
What I do appreciate out of all these different people, is that they all end up telling me the same thing.  That I look soooo happy when they see me now, and that they are extremely proud of me.  I'm proud of me too!  I'm learning to remind myself of that every time I start to feel down about a situation, or when life just doesn't go the way I had planned. 
This week has definitely been trying, mainly in regards to several issues within my familia.  I always feel like I'm taking care of someone elses needs, and putting myself last.  Self-love is a long process, but one that I'm glad to finally be on board with.
On a more positive note, I had an awesome NSV this week chicas.  I was doing some online shopping, and finally ordered some jeans I've been wanting from Torrid.
Photo courtesy of Torrid
The NSV part was that I was able to order a size I haven't worn in years, and fit into it too!  I never thought I'd be as excited as I was that day, when I got my package in the mail.  These jeans are awesome too by the way.  They are the Broadway Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans, just in case any of you chicas are in the mood to do some online shopping while wasting time at work tomorrow browsing the internet at home.
I also wanted to share my WW weekly weigh-in from this past Tuesday.

Yeaaahhh buddy...down 2.8 lbs. this week!  I was absolutely psyched, especially since I had worked so hard at earning my activity points, and tracking my food.  I am getting back into the swing of things...and I'm going to use all these opportunities I've been blessd with to give as much love as I possibly can.  Regardless if it's in the form of teaching someone about Weight Watchers, accepting others for who they are, or dealing with life's daily problems.
I'm off for the night's waaay past my bedtime, and tomorrow is my Friday!  I'm heading up to San Antonio for the weekend to celebrate my bestie Cat's b-day, which was earlier this month.  I'm going to try my best to take as many pics as I can, to share with you all when I get back on Sunday.  I want to try to give you all more of a glimpse into other parts of my life as often as I can.  Oh and by the way...things have not improved with The Fisherman.  In fact, I seem to have taken on an 'IDGAF' attitude towards him this week.  We'll see what happens...
Be blessed...and stay blessed!!!

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  1. First off, congrats on your weight loss! As for the lady, some people dont know how to ask questions properly lol so many people TALK about losing weight but want the easy way. Having the motivation and dedication you have is hard, I know it first hand, so hats off to you.