Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Texas Tuesday (Volume 1)

Hey chicas!  I am so super excited about this post, mainly because it's my first time participating in a blog link-up, specifically titled 'Texas Tuesday'.  And yes, you guessed it...it's focused on all things Texas!  I ❤ my Lone Star State!

Texas Tuesday will be a post dedicated to anything related to this great state of mine, and anyone is free to link-up!  To read more about it, or to link-up as well, you can go over and visit J at 'An Unstyled Life', or Amanda over at 'Princess of the Panhandle'.  I absolutely loved their idea, so all you Texans AND non-Texans, feel free to join in!

For my first Texas Tuesday entry, I'd like to share with ya'll some of my favorite celebrities, singers, rappers, actors/actresses, etc. that hail from the Lone Star State.  There are tons more, but again, these are a few of my favorites for reasons listed below:

Photo courtesy of www.beyonceonline.com


Need I say more?  She is aboslutely stunning, and I love love LOVE her style.  Not only is she an amazing artist, musically, as well as in acting, her sense of fashion is off the charts!  I was lucky enough to see her in concert many many years ago, when the original members of Destiny's Child were still together.  She hails from Houston, and has established herself as a triple threat in the music scene, as an actress, and most definitely in the fashion industry, serving as a muse, for what's known as the House of Deréon.  Add all that to the fact that she is married to one of hip hop's kings, Jay-Z, and throw in adorable Blue Ivy Carter.

Singing...'Who Run This Motha'??

Photo courtesy of www.people.com

Matthew Mcconaughey.

Happy 4th of July!!!  Again!!!

Ummm...do I really need to keep typing??  Or can we just drool over him together chicas?  Omgoodness he is the epitome of hotness!  And to think I have YET to go and watch Magic Mike.  Shame on me!!  The ever so sexy Mr. Camila Alves was actually born in the tiny tiny town of Uvalde, Texas.  This little place is actually only about an hour and a half away from me.  One of my favorite Matthew movies of allll time has got to be 'Dazed and Confused'.  Really...reeaallyy...if you have not seen this classic, go watch it!!  You heard me!  I am officially giving you permission to close my blog, and call it a Blockbuster night.  :)

Hope you all enjoyed my very first Texas Tuesday post!  Again, if you're from this great state and love it, or even if you're across the country and maybe had an awesome experience here, feel free to link-up!

Have a great week!!  WW weekly weigh-in is tonight!!  Wish me luck chicas!

Be blessed...and stay blessed!!



  1. Hellooooo Mr. McConaughey! God bless American, indeed!! LOL

    Thanks for joining in on the link up (I linked up your post for you!), have a great Texas Tuesday!

  2. Errr, and by American, I obviously meant America. Clearly I can't think straight thanks to Matthew's abs!

    1. Giirrrll...it took me awhile to get through typing my post because of those abs! lol

  3. What a cute post! This was a fun read! :)

    ***Popping by from the Texas Tuesday HoP!

    1. Awweee thanks so much!! I appreciate the nice comment, and hope you have a great week! Checking out your blog as well!