Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Texas Tuesday (Volume 2)

Howdy yall'!
Soooo Texan I know...but that's the kind of mood I'm in, since it is afterall Texas Tuesday!  We really do have our own dialect down here, and being in a border-town has an even greater impact on my vocabulary and accent.  But that's a post for a different day chicas.

Today I'd like to share some pics from a little roadtrip I took to San Antonio this past weekend.  It was actually a family trip we had planned earlier this month, to take my niece and nephew to SeaWorld.  There are only three locations in the United States, located in San Diego, Orlando, and San Antonio.  This is one of the many reasons that I love love LOVE Texas.  As a kid growing up, going to SeaWorld was always a treat for my sister and I.  They have it all!  Amusement park rides, every sea animal imaginable, yummy snacks, games, an awesome aquarium, and just recently added, a newly built waterpark.  I used to love getting on all the rides, feeding the stingrays, watching the seal show, and always at the end of the night, my favorite, the Shamu Rocks show.  This is an amazing performance of killer whales and their trainers put on in the evenings, with great music, special effects, and lighting.  The kids...okay okay, who am I kidding...everyone loves it!  And if you're lucky enough to get seats in the infamous 'Splash Zone', just make sure you put your phones and cameras away in a safe, waterproof, place.  :) 

There are also 'Behind the Scenes' tours, where you get to interact with a lot of the animals on a one on one basis, such as feeding the dolphins and stingrays, and touching a shark.  We didn't take any of those tours this past weekend, as our main reason for visiting was the new Aquatica Waterpark.  I have taken a few of the tours in the past, and they really are pretty amazing.  Definitely memories that you keep with you forever.

Okay, so here are the goods chicas!  Enjoy!!

These are a few of the pics I took at the entrance to SeaWorld.  I remember snapping pics in front of these killer whales every time I would visit the park when I was a kid.

The aquarium at SeaWorld isn't the biggest in Texas, but it's still pretty awesome to visit.  Plus, it gives you a chance to get out of the heat, and cool off in the air-conditioning.  :)  Believe me, we needed that little break after walking a few hours in 100 degree heat!

These pics are from the Sesame Street Bay of Play.  I actually hadn't been to this section of the park before, but seeing as I had my niece and nephew with me, this was definitely on my list.  They had a blast, and actually got to interact with most of the Sesame Street characters walking around.  This area of SeaWorld is all kid-friendly, and has some pretty nice 'splash' pools and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy.

This was the entrance to Aquatica Waterpark.  The sand sculpture was even more WOW in person.  Unfortunately I didn't get many pics inside the park, for fear that my trusty iphone would get any kind of water damage.  No bueno.  But ohmygoodness we had so much fun!  I think I spent the majority of my time in the wave pool, relaxing and working on my tan.  :)
It is a definite MUST visit, and I plan on going again in October hopefully.

One of the other great things I need to mention is that if you have the annual pass for SeaWorld, you get free preferred parking, and awesome discounts on food and merchandise in the park.  It realllly came in handy this past weekend.  Plus, if you're on a budget like me, SeaWorld offers payment options online for annual passes, where you only pay a small monthly charge of about $10.00 per pass.  This beats having to pay full price up front, AND you're able to easily print your ticket online.  Love it!!

I hope some of yall' get to visit SeaWorld in the near future, and if you do, share some pics with me!  I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.  :)

This is gonna wrap up my Texas Tuesday for today.  And as a reminder, if you don't know what this link-up is all about, visit J over at 'An Unstyled Life', or Amanda over at 'Princess of the Panhandle'.  Anything and everything Texas is the motto!!

I'm off to my WW meeting for my Tuesday weigh-in.  Wish me luck chicas!!

Be blessed...and stay blessed!!


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